A New Beginning

Since JOBx CPH started (until recently called Get Your Dream Job), the goal has always been to enable every person in Denmark to find and get their dream job. This work, initiated by Franco Soldera and Zubair Quraishi, and facilitated by countless others along the way, has attracted thousands of people who have joined our community in order to get inspired, motivated and supported in their job hunt in Denmark.

With hundreds of success stories and dozens of people coming to every event we organize, we still felt that there was room for more and that we could bring this group to the next level. This is how JOBx CPH was born.

We realized that we have to do more than just share our ideas and stories with people. The phrase goes “learning by doing” for a reason, and finding your dream job is no different. The application process is merciless and fierce, and if you don’t use all of your skills and opportunities, it will become even harder than it already is.

We have therefore created The Job Game. Picture this: three contestants, one job, a panel of three judges to give their opinions and an audience that decides who should get the job. This is the main spirit behind The Job Game and has there is always the possibility to modify a little the structure of the game in order to serve different goals every time. The game uses real job ads posted online and goes through the entire application process, from contacting the company to sending out an application and going to an interview.

We don’t have any influence over who gets a job in the end, but we will aim in working with the companies posting these jobs so that they will hopefully become part of our judges panel and see you go through the job application process first hand. If you can convince them that you are the right candidate, then the job will have come a lot closer to you!

Last but not least, we will be making available online all the materials and/ or recordings of these events, so that you can study them and see what impressed you and if there is something you can learn (if there is a possibility to record the session, we will let you know in advance so that you can opt in or out!). So even if you are not one of the contestants, you will still be able to have an important takeaway message, when you see people like yourself go through the whole application process. Look for these resources in our Material from Meetups page (we will upload content soon).

We will be announcing the date of our first meetup of the new season soon, so stay tuned and see you at JOBx CPH!

Richard, Tonia & Zubair

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