The Science of Getting Your Dream Job

Getting a job is hard. Getting your dream job is even harder. So how can we make the claim that we will “get you your dream job”? The truth is, we can’t. These words are meant to inspire you, and to give you confidence. In reality, we will analyze the process of looking for a job, we will show you the underlying patterns both from a job-seeker’s and from a company’s perspective, and based on those insights we will provide you with a strategy on how to pursue your dream job.

Does this strategy guarantee that you will get your dream job? No, it doesn’t. But it tries to make sure that if you are rejected, it is because you are not the right candidate and not because your cover letter is bad, or because your application has drowned in a pool of 250 other applications. The aim is that if you follow the strategy that we propose, and if you understand the underlying reasons as to where this strategy comes from, you will maximize your chances of getting the job you want.